To maintain high quality training and instruction, this class takes 8 participants per session.

Private groups sessions available

This class offers participants:

  • A great workout with recorded progress so you can see the results. Not just in body weight and inches, but also with joint function, posture, pain free movement patterns, and body composition.

  • A unique workout program that is designed for the class participants, and is not another ‘cookie cutter’ program.

  • A great sign up rate for people that want the attention of a personal trainer but cannot spend $75 per hour.

  • A selective class size to ensure individual attention.

  • Participant accountability! With both attendance and results recorded after every class.


  • Some of the benefits of high Intensity interval training include:

  • Intense circuits that stimulate muscle-building hormones, which puts your body in a perfect state to build lean mass.

  • Interval training develops the cardiovascular system. By pushing your heart rate high during periods of work, you’ll greatly increase your cardio ability and strengthen your heart.

  • Short rest intervals that increase your recovery capabilities and improve your ability to recover faster in future workout sessions.

  • Intervals that allow each participant to train at their highest capabilities.