Heather is the AntiGravity certified instructor and 1 Star Instructor Trainer at Positive Impact MMA. Heather completed her training at the Antigravity training center in New York with world renowned Christopher Harrison and his team. Heather is certified to teach AntiGravity Fundamentals, Restorative, Aerial Yoga, Suspension Fitness, Suspension Fitness level 2, D-kink, and is a certified AntiGravity Instructor Trainer.

Christopher Harrison is the Founder and Creator of the internationally renowned entertainment and fitness brand AntiGravity®.

You may have you seen Singer/Artist Pink perform her Grammy Award performance in the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock. Now you can try it in the safety of a Harrison Antigravity Hammock at Positive Impact MMA.

Antigravity techniques utilize the hammock to gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous systems of the body. By floating the body through mid-air in a series of gentle, gyro kinetic motions, the entire spine is lengthened, as synovial fluids release into the joints, hydratingthe cartilage.

AntiGravity techniques utilize the Harrison AntiGravity® hammock as a suspension device to:

  • Increased flexibility, both muscles and joints
  • Decompress the spine through gentle traction of the vertebral discs
  • Enhance proprioceptor (sensory receptor) response
  • Improve body alignment/posture
  • Refresh the circulatory and lymphatic systems with zero compression inversions
  • Have a fun, total body strengthening workout
  • Stimulate the release of neurotransmitters from the brain