Antigravity Suspension Fitness LEVEL 1 & 2

Antigravity Suspension Fitness 1

Do you want an intense workout that turns your routine upside down? Utilized first by the Antigravity team of elite athletes for their conditioning workouts, this technique was created with the same standard for you. The AG Suspension Fitness is the most physically challenging class that has an acrobatic aspect to it. This class involves flying into flips and inversions, while increasing your flexibility, agility and total body strength.

Prerequisite: FUNdamentals

Level: Advanced


Antigravity Suspension Fitness 2

New aerial flips and upside down tricks plus a core workout like no other -a fast paced, fun, very challenging class.

Prerequisite: FUNdamentals & Suspension Level 1

Level: Advanced +++

AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness is a dramatic and dynamic new form of exercise focused on fitness. We can easily claim that you will never have had a workout quite like this one. From beginner to connoisseur, the results are impressive ~ Christopher Harrison